Beer flow monitoring

Fluid Dispense Monitoring

Remotely monitor your fluid dispense over a wireless GPRS network.

Beer dispense monitoringAdaptive M2M’s dispense monitoring solution utilises Intelligent Flow Meters (IFMs) to monitor the font per dispense volume, the speed of flow and temperature throughout each pour.

Our solution provides real-time remote management and status reports of all fluid dispensers and cellar equipment through a wireless network.

Our aim is to remotely enable fault findings to save business costs and minimize downtime.

  • Central Monitoring Application
  • Real-time data collection and alarming
  • Fluid Level Monitoring
  • Quality and diagnostics Reporting
    – Line cleaning, in-tap temperature
    – Cellar equipment status and temperature
  • Communication management
  • Business intelligence Provision

Customer Case Study (Diagram)

Beer flow monitoring

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