Coffee Machine Monitoring

Vending monitoring over cellular wireless networks for management and control purposes

Do you require data to be sent from your Coffee machine over a cellular GPRS, 3G or 4G network? Adaptive M2M’s coffee machine monitoring solution transfers data from the coffee machine to a central management system. Our proven solution has the ability to provide the following;

  • Dispense volume
  • By coffee variety
  • Diagnostic monitoring
  • Milk/Coffee bean outage
  • Cleaning required
  • Fluid Level Monitoring

Customer Case Study;

  • Business Model – revenue share
  • Units in customers site (1,000)
  • Interface via RS-232
  • Previous supplier – 60% reliable comm’s
  • Proof of concept and trial within 7 days
  • Central monitoring application
    – Real-time data collection & alarming
    – Quality and diagnostics Reporting
    – Communication management
  • Business Intelligence Provision

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